Photo: Beautiful to look at, tactile to touch, lovingly, locally made in Cambridge.  Our favourite coffin of all time 

Runner up in The Eternal Slumber Coffin Supplier of the Year Award

Making a willow coffin - a working example

Below are images of a bespoke coffin recently made by Roger and the family and friends of the departed.

Woven in buff and white willow,over a three day period the coffin has many items woven in by family and friends, items with special meaning to the people weaving them in into the basket.  

Working sensitively together on the day, it really was a fun event, with people just turning up and joining in.

Some of the things that made the basket...

  • two garden hoes, used as locking bars
  • a bird net from the garden, rolled and woven in the handles of the coffin
  • sheeps wool
  • trouser braces woven into the lid 
  • a hex.key, a spanner and a bicycle chain. 

People helped at different times, coming and going as suited them and everyone drew comfort from knowing they had woven something personal and of themselves, into the basket as a memory and a gift to the departed.

Making eco-coffins  in the studio at Fowlmere

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Below is an image of a coffin in the construction process. 

Note the  difference in the weaving of the white willow, the bottom weave is a three rod wale, a very strong weave used to stand up all the upright rods, also known as the "upsett". 

The second band of white willow is woven quite differently, it is also a very strong weave, using 4 rods at the same time woven to make the pattern of chain links, hence its name "chain wale" .

Weaving  courses can be arranged  

  • Three day coffin making, make a willow coffin, and take it home with you afterwards.
  • One day basket making, make a fruit basket or plant holder.

Our studio is warm and dry, with accessible free parking available at all times.

The site has outside green spaces, with plenty of grass, shrubs and trees that can make a great backdrop for photographs or video productions of your work.

Images: Coffins under construction by Roger Fowle at Fowlmere...